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Chattanooga Track Club Sponsorship

Many would say football, basketball and baseball are major sports and track and field isn't a sport at all. However, each track and field athlete develops a skill that would make a football, basketball and baseball player a better player. Track teaches proper running form which include: explosiveness, a defined stride, knee lifts, and arm motions for speed. All of these abilities are essential in running a route in football, running the bases in baseball or a fast break during a basketball game. In essence, track and field can be the foundation for success in any sport.

Sports - football, basketball, baseball, and track and field; just to name a few - can change the life of a youth. It can give some an opportunity for a better life, should they land a scholarship or have an opportunity to participate in the Olympics. For some because of the physical requirements and the social lessons experienced –it can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Chattanooga Thunder Track Club would like to give every young person who has a passion and talent for track and field the opportunity to become more proficient in their craft. Not everyone with a talent can afford the total cost of our structured program. The membership fee does not cover the expenses incurred while traveling and participating in the events. The total yearly cost for each athlete is $500.

Sponsors make it possible for us to work with those athletes who's parents can not afford the total cost of the program. I hope you will consider giving a deserving youth a chance at a better life, physically, socially and perhaps financially.

Sponsorship Levels

  - Level 1
- $500 a year  
- Sponsor one athlete for a year  
  - Level 2
- $1,000  
- Sponsors one athlete for a year and provide essentials for track meets - water, gatorade, fruit, etc.  
  - Level 3
- $1,500  
- Sponsor a trip - travel, hotel rooms, and food.  
    Level 4
- - $2000 or more (sponsor athletes and trips)*  

* The Chattanooga Thunder Track Club will honor level 4 sponsors with promotional materials; such as track T-shirts with the sponsor’s name/logo, company logos on our website home page.

Sponsorship Form

To become a sponsor, click here to download the application. Mail the application and check payable to Chattanooga Thunder Track Club, Inc. to the address below:

Chattanooga Thunder Track Club, Inc.
Post Office Box 19324
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37416