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Who We Are?

Founded By

William and Andrea Smith founders of The Chattanooga Thunder Track Club in 2015.

Coach Jeff White


Our athletes are led and trained by Head Coach Jeff White, a Louisiana native who, while serving in the United States Army competed in the Olympic Trials for a spot on the 1988 USA Olympic team in the 400 and 800 meter races. Coach White has over twenty-seven (27) years of coaching experience including strength and conditioning of young athletes from various sporting backgrounds.

Coach White has over 24 Sport Championships - 16 of them being in the area of Track and Field. Coach White has an undying passion for Track and Field and has committed himself to helping our young athletes to achieve their dreams in Track and Field and beyond. We are honored to have Coach White training, mentoring and leading our team. We are looking forward to a very exciting season this year and for many years to come.

Coach James Ward


Coach James Ward will tell you athletes may think their legs are the most important part of their body for running, but in actuality the whole body works together to run quickly. He will show young runners how to pump their arms, and remind them that when the right leg is forward, the left arm should be forward and the right arm should be back.

Coach Ward makes it fun while teaching core skills. He has been a track coach for those 12 and under since 1995.

Assistant Coach Lonnie White, Middle and High School


Coach Lonnie White is a USATF Level 1 Coach. He is the Track and Field Assistant Coach at Cleveland High School and has been the sprints coach at Lee University for 3 years.

Coach White is a former Cross Country and Track coach at Tennessee Temple University. He held this position for 2 years and was a AAU Track and Field coach for 5 years.

Coach White emphasizes fundamentals and techniques. He has a positive attitude that transcends to both middle and high school athletes causing them to perform better in practice and in competition. Assistant Coach Lonnie White's vast experience and understanding of the various positions makes him a valuable asset to our staff.

Chartering Board Members

William O. Smith, Sr.

Dr. Clark White
Vice President

Ms. Avious Price

Mr. George O. Martin

Coach Jeff White
Youth Coordinator


Benefits of Track and Field

According to the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports at Michigan State University, sports activities for children not only offer health benefits, but also offer psychological and social benefits. Paul Caccamo, a Harvard graduate, explains that “sports are more than a game; they are a set of life lessons.”

Children who are physically active typically remain at normal weights throughout their childhood and into adulthood and are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes is caused by a lack of activity. Kids who play sports are more likely to exercise as adults.

Source: athleticscholarships.net